The finishing touches are being completed on the barn’s interior and stalls will be available June 1st! Our boarding options are designed for convenience with two options available. All horses must have a current negative Coggins.

Semi-Care Boarding – $300/month

Each horse will have it’s own stall with automatic feeder and waterer. This provides the convenience of full care without the need to be at the barn at 7am to feed! You will be able to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that your horse is automatically fed the amount you want at the same time everyday. Horses will be trained to come to their stalls at meal times. We provided a 12% pellet feed and hay. Boarders will have access to the arena and round pen as well and horses are turned out 24/7. If you require a different turn out schedule, you will be responsible for bringing in and turning your horse out on that schedule. If the horse is stalled, you will be responsible for stall cleaning as well.

Self-Care Boarding – $250/month

Each horse will have it’s own stall, automatic feeder and waterer, but you will be responsible for providing your own feed. As with the semi-care boarding, you will also be responsible for bringing in and turning out your horse if you choose to not keep your horse turned out 24/7. Hay will be provided.

Overnight Horse Boarding

For people traveling and need a place to unload for the night, we offer overnight boarding options as well. We have three stalls that can be used as well as a 40 ft. round pen and arena that can be used for overnight stays or turnout depending on the needs of the horses. Hay and bedding provided. $35 per night. Accommodations for the driver can be arranged at Little Caney Cabin, located just 7 minutes away.