Back in February, I made the decision that the sweet Johnny Hurricane was not going to make it as a horse that beginners could ride for quite some time. He really needed his own person that would be able to give him the time and attention he needed. I found a young man in Mexia, Texas, just a couple hours away that also happened to have a Thoroughbred mare that he wanted to trade for. After talking to him on the phone, he explained that he was looking for a shorter horse that he could train for roping and the mare was much too tall for that. The mare’s name was Burntcinnamontoast and sounded exactly like what I needed. He had ridden her all around the town and down the county roads. Not only that, but she is incredibly well bred with Buckpasser and Damascus within the first two generations of her pedigree. We decided we would trade, so I loaded up Johnny and we set off for Mexia.

Unfortunately, it started to pour rain and get rather cold that day. There’s nothing worse than loading horses in the rain and they seem to never want to cooperate even though the inside of the trailer is much drier than the outside! Of course, Johnny hopped off like a pro and patiently stood tied to the trailer while we worked on loading Cinnamon. She wasn’t interested in leaving her home. She put up a good fight for about an hour until she finally decided to jump on.

When we got back home, she unloaded great and we went to the barn. She spent the first night in a stall while she got to know the Mistic and Path. She was very quiet, but when I lunged her the first time, I noticed something was quite right with her hind end. I think she was sore from slipping and sliding from loading in the rain. She looked tucked up a bit in her hind end and wasn’t moving out well. The first time we rode her, she bucked at the trot. We decided to give her a bit more downtime and then we had another issue arise. Our neighbor’s wild stallion jumped the fence and essentially attacked Cinnamon while trying to breed her. He ended up breaking her tail and her whole body was out of whack.

There wasn’t a whole lot that could be done about the tail issue other than to let it heal. We did have a chiropractor come out and work her over. She was so sore in her shoulders and on her right side that she couldn’t turn that direction, she would have to back up. The chiro got her realigned and she instantly felt better.

As she has healed, her personality has really started to come out. She wanted nothing to do with anyone for quite some time. She would pin her ears at you if you tried to pet her. Now she just gives some mild mare sass, which is to be expected from a mare! She has made it clear that she is the boss mom of the barn. She has filled out immensely and looks like a classic Thoroughbred mare. She is very quiet and smart. After three months of healing, she had her first ride last weekend and I could not be more proud of her.