Our horses are our friends through the journey that is life. They are there for us when we’re feeling down and they are often our partners in our greatest achievements. As they get older, it can be difficult to focus the care that they need, while you move on to younger horses and focus on their careers and future. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to give a senior horse the attention and care that it needs and that’s why Lake Fork Stables now offers full care retirement boarding for senior horses.

Our senior horse boarding plan includes feed, hay and regular trimming by our favorite farrier, Ralph Hampton of Double H Horseshoeing. For just $300 per month, the needs of your senior horse are covered. Vet care and teeth maintenance is covered by the owner at an additional charge, but we do not charge for holding your horse and arranging those appointments. We will also blanket as needed in the winter months. Your senior horse will be treated like a member of our family and give the grooming and attention he or she needs to live happy, retired lives. Owners will be kept up to date with regular photos and updates. Whether you live half way across the state or just down the road, you’ll always be aware of the care and condition your horse is in. You are also welcome to visit and use our facilities as desired.

Our barn features 10×10 stalls with automatic iFeed feeders and automatic waterers. We try not to stall our horses, as we believe that 24/7 turnout is best for their overall health and well-being, but a stall/turnout schedule may be utilized depending on the needs and condition of your horse. Our hay is cut on our property and is provided free choice. Our pasture features 8 acres of prime coastal grasses. We feed Purina Equine Senior for maximum nutrition.

East Texas is an ideal location to retire your horse. Our winter months are very mild and typically only have a handful of very cold days. While the summer can be hot and humid, our pasture includes a pond that the horses love to cool off in. Ample water is provided and our pasture thrives. Horses are hosed down and bathed regularly to keep them cool and comfortable. Our barn also features ceiling fans and open stalls for maximum airflow. Horses have access to shade and shelter as they desire it as well.