With the extreme heat of the summer, I’ve decided that it is going to be best to create a “semester” type schedule for riding lessons. The breakdown will be as follows:

Fall Semester – September 16th through November 20th with a break for Thanksgiving

Winter Semester – December through February with a break for Christmas & New Years

Spring Semester – March through June

This will give us a two-month break during the hottest months of the year – July and August. This works out well for us as we escape the heat of the summer and we’re not asking our horses to work when it’s ridiculously hot out. If we are miserable, they are twice as miserable.

With this change, I am also excited to introduce our new online curriculum! This is a Google Classroom with informational files as well as color sheets and worksheets for the kids. It is designed to supplement what they are learning at the barn as well as provide more information on topics that we may not be able to cover completely during lessons. My goal is to get kids in the saddle as much as possible, but horsemanship can never take a backseat. They must know how to care for the horse as well. An invitation to the Google Classroom will be sent to your email address.

These dates may adjust next year depending on our summer travel schedule.


Fall and Winter semesters will both be $350 for 10 lessons per semester. May be paid in increments of 5 lessons ($175 per).

Spring semester is $525 for 15 lessons. May be paid in increments of 5 lessons per as well.

Individual lessons will be $50 per if scheduled without committing to a semester plan. There may be the option to add additional lessons for $35 per to these semesters depending on availability and weather.

Students in the Horses 4 Heroes will remain at their current rate, however, the same date structure will apply.