Time for another update on Johnny. We took about a 3 week vacation, so the horses have all had a pretty long break. A break they would have had anyway since the temperatures were well over 100 degrees while I was gone and still after we got back. We had a slight cool down, but we had to spend that time mowing and getting some barn chores done since we’d been gone. 

I’ve been able to get one ride in on him and he also helped pony kids around during one of our horseback riding experiences. He’s great with kids, but he’s still his lazy self under saddle. He really just wants to be the boss and not work. We have made some progress though. We are keeping a pretty consistent walk and our steering has gotten much better. He’s still a little stiff to the right and he tends to gravitate towards the gate, but we’re doing a lot of turns and maneuvers with minimal hissy fits. 

We also hired on an assistant trainer to help with riding, riding lessons and horseback riding experiences. Her name is Maci Causey. She rode him tonight in the round pen and did a little groundwork. He gets agitated with groundwork because…he’s lazy! They ended on a good note though and did a lot of consistent moving, which has been a big hurdle for him. We are making progress!