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Riding Lessons

English & Western Riding Lessons

Our riding lessons teach new riders the importance of balance and a secure seat. Beginners will learn the foundation of dressage and how to use the aids properly. Lesson horses are provided. Riders should wear boots with 1/2 inch heal. Preferably no tennis shoes. Helmets are required and provided.

Riders will also learn the basics of horsemanship including proper grooming, tacking and general horse care. It’s important that students learn all of the aspects that go into not only riding, but properly caring for a horse. Lessons are adapted to the skill and confidence level of each rider.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

In addition to riding lessons, Lake Fork Stables offers training and problem solving sessions with horses and riders. You will work with your horse and our trainer, Susan Hammond, to identify and solve issues that you may have with your horse. Pricing will vary depending on the issue and the amount of sessions required.

Advanced Lessons & Training

Do you have competition goals you are looking to achieve? Lake Fork Stables offers training to help you achieve those goals with your horse. Whether you want to go to the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover or show locally, we can help. Our trainer Susan Hammond will help you set your goals and develop a plan for you to achieve them. Pricing varies based on your individual needs and goals.

Susan Hammond


Having been told many times that she should write a book about her horse stories and experiences, Susan Hammond’s Cinderella story goes like this. As a child growing up, she had two cousins with best Quarter Horses money could buy and a facility with all the works including many barns filled with stock and over 150 mares. The ranch had the best trainers and produced many Grand Champions. As a young girl that was Susan’s dream. At the age of 14, she was give the opportunity to handle the babies at the ranch. Today she believes that her experiences with each, individual horse is what has brought her many rewards today.

Susan’s first horse was Candy, a racehorse right off the track. She was purchased by her dad in very poor condition and Susan got her weight up and feeling good. As a young girl in the 7th grade, she was determined to ride her. Because of her small size, Susan couldn’t really handle her on the ground, but the pair learned to respect each other and after many miles of quality time together, they came to an understanding. Susan was the teacher and Candy the student. Most horses are honest, so if you handle them justly, they will work.

Susan’s next horse was a strawberry roan National Bronc Riders practice horse. Imagine Spirit, the wild Mustang from the movie brought into captivity and that was Sunny. By the grace of God, Susan survived her childhood and at the same time, grew to respect horses and just how dangerous they can be! While the stories about Sunny are many, there are also many wonderful memories. He taught her how to listen to the horse, how to approach them and what confidence was, which was really the key to progress. Riding a wild stallion in the wilderness and open country was an experience and Sunny gave her the tools needed to ride and train horses for eventing and fox hunting.

In 1991, Susan started breeding warmbloods. She has trained many nice, honest horses for for Masters in the hunt field. Additionally, she ran an equestrian riding center for riders of all ages, from children to adults. She gave lessons and worked with children after school daily, often teaching 8 kids at a time into the late evening hours. Some of her students have since gone on to be instructors themselves.

When she’s not roping or hunting on her horses, she is helping others achieve their goals with their best friend. She believes in working with riders and their horses to give them the tools they need to be confident and achieve their goals, whether that be trail riding or competition.

Beginner Riding Lesson Pricing

1 Month Pre-paid Lessons

Pre-pay for 1 month of lessons for $140.

Private Lessons

1 hour Private Lesson – $50

Group Lessons

Group Lesson of 2 or More – $40 per student – 1 hour lesson

Private 1/2 Hour Lesson

Private half hour lesson – $25

Our Facility

Lake Fork Stables is a small, drama free facility. We work with beginners and “re-riders” regulary and ensure that we provide a safe learning environment. We have an outdoor, lighted arena that allows us to do lessons throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

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Our Lesson Horses

Mistic Gray

19 year old Thoroughbred. Mistic was a racehorse and show jumper in a past life. He now enjoys teaching beginners the ropes and will pop over a fence now and then as well.


7 year old Quarter Horse. Mack was a rescue horse, but upon riding him, we’ve quickly discovered that he may have been a western pleasure horse in his past life. He also makes an excellent dressage pony.