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Horseback Riding at Lake Fork
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The Experience

Our horseback riding experience is geared towards beginners and individuals with no horse experience. All riding levels are welcome, however. We focus on horsemanship, safety and guests will have the opportunity to ride our horses in our lighted arena. 

Our experience is not the typical “deadhead” horse experience that many trail rides and tourist businesses operate. Visitors will take part in the entire process from grooming to tacking and then riding. Our horses have pesonalities and this is the opportunity to experience a small part of what owning and handling a horse is all about.

We are working on offering trail rides in the near future.

About Our Horses

Our horses are experienced competition and lesson horses. Mistic Gray is a retired racehorse who became a jumper in his second career. He enjoys taking beginners for leisurely rides now that his competition days are over. We also have Mack, a Quarter Horse, that offers a fun and quick paced ride.