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Horse Training



Horse Training

Full Training

Full training includes 5 training sessions per week with the option to substitute a training ride with a lesson. This ensures that you understand the training your horse receives and how to use it. Full training with full care board is $800 per month.

Partial Training

Partial training includes 3 training rides per week with the option to substitute a training ride with a lesson. We believe it’s important that owners are active in the training process, so they understand how their horses are taught and how to use their new knowledge. Partial training with full care board is $550 per month. 

Services included wtith Training

Training sessions may include rides, groundwork, trailer loading, standing for the farrier, clipping and other essential knowledge that the horse needs to master. Horses can also be trained for specific disciplines including dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, fox hunting, and western disciplines.



Individual Training Lessons

We also offer individual training lessons to work on specific issues you might have with your horse. These lessons are charged based on the specific training issue. Most training lessons start at $75 per hour. 

About Susan Hammond

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is simple – to create relaxed and willing horses that are happy to work and perform in whatever discipline, competition or activity you choose to do. Our goal is to ensure that the owner and the horse have a connection to ensure confidence and trust. It doesn’t do a rider any good to have a horse with “buttons” that they don’t know how to use. We want our clients to be active participants in the training process.